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  • 6 Decorative Glass Bottles

    6 Decorative Glass Bottles

    sku: 400-224

    6 different patterns & shapes. Cork stoppers included.

    Regular Price: £22.50

    Special Price £16.88

  • Lace Cotton Table Runner

    Lace Cotton Table Runner

    sku: 400-947

    A beautiful natural cotton wedding table runner, 2m long.

    Regular Price: £7.99

    Special Price £7.19

  • Bright Rainbow Tassel Garland

    Bright Rainbow Tassel Garland

    sku: 100-796

    A perfect rainbow decoration to hang just about anywhere! No pot of gold necessary!

    Regular Price: £11.95

    Special Price £7.77

  • Gold Create Your Own Birthday Banner

    Gold Create Your Own Birthday Banner

    sku: 101-300

    The ultimate occasion banner! Customise for one occasion, keep and re-use for another!

    Regular Price: £6.99

    Special Price £5.24

  • 3 Fruit Foil Balloons

    3 Fruit Foil Balloons

    sku: 101-121

    Make the party extra special with these happy fruit balloons.

    Regular Price: £3.95

    Special Price £1.99

  • Unicorn Mini Piñata Favour

    Unicorn Mini Piñata Favour

    sku: 101-209

    Make someone's day with this magical miniature unicorn decoration.

    Regular Price: £2.95

    Special Price £1.48

  • 'To Have & To Hold' Wooden Rubber Stamp

    'To Have & To Hold' Wooden Rubber Stamp

    sku: 300-356

    Wedding stamp for creating favours and decorating.

    Regular Price: £3.49

    Special Price £2.62

  • Tropical Paper Leaves Decorations

    Tropical Paper Leaves Decorations

    sku: 101-291

    Beautiful paper card tropical leaves to decorate with.

  • Wooden Seahorse Pegs

    Wooden Seahorse Pegs

    sku: 300-580

    6 wonderful seaside themed peg accessories.

    Regular Price: £1.00

    Special Price £0.25

  • 5 Heart Shaped Zinc Gift Tags

    5 Heart Shaped Zinc Gift Tags

    sku: 300-245

    String up in windows, on gifts, wreaths... need we go on?

  • White Damask Paper Napkins

    White Damask Paper Napkins

    sku: 400-944

    Beautiful serviettes for special celebrations. Pack of 20.

  • 5 Blackboard Zinc Labels

    5 Blackboard Zinc Labels

    sku: 300-443

    Chalk names on zinc labels.

    Regular Price: £2.95

    Special Price £0.74