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  • Silly Circus Garland Kit

    Silly Circus Garland Kit

    sku: 100-751

    Make gorgeous circus themed bunting and party decorations.

    Regular Price: £12.50

    Special Price £6.25

  • Wakanae MT Washi Tape

    Wakanae MT Washi Tape

    sku: 300-640

    Original MT wakanae, bright green tape! Washi paper tape for parties & crafts.

  • Pink Honeycomb Ball Garland

    Pink Honeycomb Ball Garland

    sku: 100-964

    Tissue paper balls strung to make a pretty 2.1m garland.

  • 3 Hanging 100ml Glass Bottles

    3 Hanging 100ml Glass Bottles

    sku: 500-212

    100ml glass bottles for stunning table and party displays. Pack of 3.