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  • Frightfully Good Halloween

    Halloween Fun - The perfect excuse to turn ordinary days & nights into a bit of fun!
    Welcome visitors with a carved pumpkin lantern to crate a little bit of atmosphere. 
    Invite in the friendly neighbourhood ghosts, gaols, witches & monsters to a table with ghostly delights, set the table with the most brilliant stripy plates, bat cups and bat foil napkins from Ginger Ray & Meri Meri. A backdrop of bats of fluttering bats are perfect to set the scene. Create a Skeleton photo props and hang out with a  life-size cut-out skeleton decorations for a bit of fun, temporary tattoos, Day of Dead balloons & banners, stickers and table decorations. What more could your little house ghosts wish for...

    No Halloween is complete without a little recipe... Try to keep you vampire teeth in while you chew on these delicious Toffee Apples...

    Recipe for Toffee Apples...

    Relive nostalgic childhood memories with these cracking good toffee coated apples. To make them a little different add a little red food dye to the toffee, to get a beautiful red shiny toffee and dust with desiccated coconut.


    • 225g demerara sugar
    • 110 ml water
    • 0.5 tsp vinegar
    • 2 tbsp golden syrup
    • 25g butter
    • 6 apples
    • 6 BBQ sticks, for holding the apples


    Please note that making toffee must be approached with caution; toffee gets very, very hot (up to 140 °C) as it is boils!

    1. Dissolve the sugar in the water over a moderate heat. When it has dissolved, stir in the vinegar, syrup and butter. Bring to a boil and cook without stirring until it reaches hard-crack stage (138°C) or hardens into a ball when dropped in a bowl of cold water. This should take around 10-15 minutes boiling time.
    2. While the syrup is cooking, wash the apples and dry well, pierce each apple with a wooden BBQ stick. Once the toffee is ready, add an optional drop of red food colouring and stir well. Dip each apple into the hot toffee, turning it around in the syrup so that each one is fully coated.
    3. Optional; Dust with desiccated coconut
    4. Leave to harden on a lightly oiled tray before serving. If bringing the toffee coated apples with you to a bonfire party, why not pack them individually in our pla brown or white paper bags. If you're planning to keep them for a day or two, wrap the apples in cellophane bags.
  • Enjoy a party without costing the earth!

    Something for everyone with Pipii's vast range of biodegradable eco friendly palm leaf and sugar cane tableware, paper straws, cups and napkins, perfect for any festive gathering, whether a 'green eco wedding', outdoor festival and event, birthdays or bbq. Enjoy knowing that you are doing your bit for the planet. Just pop your biodegradable tableware the compost heap after the event, no need for washing up.

    Our best selling 26cm round palm leaf plates, Bamboo Cutlery and coconuts seem to be our customers favourites this summer.

    Thinking of hosting a eco party or celebration? Look no further, we stock a superb range of eco-friendly, disposable biodegradable & sustainable stylish tableware. Sugar-cane (bagasse) plates & palm-leaf plates & bowls in various sizes and designs, platters & wooden trays. Wooden cutlery, bamboo cutlery packs, cocktail sticks, canapé cones, kraft disposable trays, take-away boxes, kraft boxes with PLA windows, Chinese carry-out boxes with handles and gable boxes. Smart soup cups with lids, brown & white recyclable paper bags with pla window. Great picnic sets with everything you need for a day out. Newsprint fish & chip greaseproof paper & pockets. Large range of biodegradable PLA eco wine glasses, pint glasses and PLA cups. Great choice of paper cups; white single wall cups, brown ripple cups, black ripple cups & craft cups. Inspiring selection of quality paper napkins in various colours and design and not forgetting our superb range of striped paper straws in a rainbow of colours & place-mats and tablecloths.


  • Biodegradable Fashionable Eco Paper Straws

    Are you saying no to plastic straws, but missing a little bit of colour and fun in your summer cocktails? 

    Not to worry with Pipii's bio-degradable fun & festive retro paper straws you can still have your straw and be eco-concious.


    Shop Pipii Straws

    For fun colourful paper drinking straws, look no further. Whether you’re in the mood for stripes, plain kraft, dots, or flowers decorating your straws, you’ll find a pack to suit. So, for that chic cocktail party, retro or vintage tea party, birthday, wedding celebration or event, add some stripy, metallic, chevron, star, heart, floral, or polka dot paper straws to your basket. We sell these in packs of 25's, 100's and in bulk.

    And what’s more, our paper drinking straws are 100% biodegradable, compostable and sustainable.


  • We love...Rhubarb season!!

    What spells early summer more than RHUBARB...
    We love it and everything that one can make with rhubarb.
    It signifies that summer is coming and taste delicious!

    Pipii loves rhubarb

    So other than the classic and delicious crumble, cordial & pie, we have 2 gorgeous and very tasty easy recipes to share with you.

    Danish Rhubarb Cinnamon Cake:

    Cake recipe:
    200 g plain flour

    125 g butter
    200 g sugar
    2 eggs
    1.5 teaspoon baking powder
    1 dl milk
    For the topping:
    30g demerara sugar
    Approx 1.5 teaspoon cinnamon

    How to make the dough:

    • Mix sugar and soft butter well.
    • Add eggs.
    • Now add flour and baking powder, mix well.
    • Finally mix the milk into the mixture.

    Prepare the rhubarb:
    You will need 3-4 good sized rhubarb stalks for the cake.

    • Clean the rhubarb stalks and remove excess 'skin', then cut into inch long pieces.
    • Place in sauce pan with approx 2-3 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of demerara sugar.
    • Bring gentle to the boil and leave to simmer for approx 5mins. The rhubarb should be soft to touch but not falling apart.
    • Cool and drain the liquid from the pan. The rhubarb is now ready to use.

    Using a 24cm round (or similar size square) baking tray, fill with half the cake mixture, next arrange a layer of the prepared rhubarb and sprinkle half the demerara sugar and cinnamon over, then using the remaining cake mixture, cover and repeat with rhubarb, cinnamon and sugar on the top. (A light sprinkle of almonds is a lovely add-on too).
    Bake on middle shelf in oven for approx 45min at 180 degree Celsius. Be aware that it may be quite gooey in the middle because of the rhubarb so test a few places, a skewer should come out almost clean!

    A light sprinkle of icing sugar prior to serving also works beautifully!. Enjoy....
    Rhubarb cake

    Danish Rhubarb Snitter:

    This biscuit type cake is usually made with raspberry jam and is 'world famous' in Denmark. Every baker in Denmark will sell these and for a good reason too...utterly yummy and irresistible.

    Danish rhubarb snitter

    Biscuit dough:

    • 200 g plain flour
    • 50 g ground almonds
    • 25 g icing sugar
    • ¼ teaspoon salt
    • ½ real vanilla stick or vanilla sugar
    • 150 g butter
    • 1 egg yolk

    Rhubarb jam:

    • 300 g rhubarb
    • 150 g jam sugar (with pectin)
    • 1 tablespoon water
    • ½ real vanilla stick or vanilla sugar


    • 2½ dl icing sugar
    • 1 teaspoon soft butter
    • Juice of 1 lemon.


    You can either choose freeze dried raspberries (for the raspberry version or usually they are made with  colourful 100's & 1000's sprinkles.
    For the rhubarb version, liquorice powder sprinkled on top is delicious.
    You would need 1-2 tablespoons for this recipe.

    How to make the rhubarb jam:

    • Clean the rhubarb stalks and remove excess 'skin', then cut into small pieces.
    • Place in sauce pan with the jam sugar and water. Add the vanilla.
    • Bring gentle to the boil and leave to simmer and go soft for approx 5mins. Then leave to boil for another 5-10 mins until thickening, Remove from the heat and leave to cool down completely. Once the jam is beginning to cool down, you can place it in the fridge.
    • Once cooled down completely, the rhubarb is now ready to use

    How to make:

    • Mix plain flour, ground almonds, icing sugar and salt in a bowl. Next then either add the vanilla sugar or the inner vanilla seeds to this mixture.
    • Add the butter, already cut into small squares into the mixture and blend into the flour with your fingers until it resembles fine soft slightly wet sand.
    • Add the egg yolk and gather the mixture into a ball without over kneeding it.
    • Wrap in cling film and leave in fridge for approx 30 mins.
      Now have a cup of tea.....
    • Remove from the fridge and split into 2 equal pieces.
    • Roll out one half into a square piece approx 4mm thick and place on a baking sheet.
    • Repeat for the other half so that the 2 pieces are approx equal sizes and will fit on top of each other nicely.
    • Bake just one half for 5mins at 190 degrees celcius. It is ready when it is slightly crusty on top.
    • Remove from the oven and spread the rhubarb jam evenly over the top. Now place the second half on top and piece with a fork all over.
    • Return to the oven and now bake for a further 15-20mins at 190c till it crusty and lightly golden on top.
    • Leave to cool for bit and once it has cooled down to be luke warm to touch, make your icing by mixing soft butter into the icing sugar, then add lemon juice 9 (bit at a time) until the icing has a nice thick consistency but still spreadable, decorate the top of the biscuit with it.
    • Finish with any sprinkles that you may wish to add.
    • The cake will keep in a biscuit tin for around 5-6 days.

    Enjoy x






  • Eco chic tableware for the May Bank Holiday Weekend

    It is perfect time for you to shop our eco-chic range of tableware, fabric runners & decorations from Pipii as we welcome May and look ahead to a lovely long Bank Holiday weekend, the weather is looking promising - with sunshine and warmer temperatures. Perfect for outdoor entertaining or a trip to the park, beach or a picnic amongst the bluebells.  

    Pipii.co.uk have got a large selection of eco chic biodegradable palm and sugarcane plates & bowls, cutlery, napkins cups and glasses perfect for any gathering or get-together. Create a pretty table setting with palm leaf print runner, dainty glass bud vases and rosegold flower garland decorations.

    As the evening approaches light the foliage string table lights and candles to create 'hygge'.   


  • Chocolate Easter Cake

    Divine Chocolate Easter Cake

    Why shouldn’t Easter be celebrated with a special treat, just as we have plenty of treats for Christmas. Make this cake once and serve it for friends and family this Easter, and I am sure that this will become an Easter must for years to come, as it is here.

    This cake is not only beautiful to look at; decorated with little chocolate eggs, but is also an equally delicious chocolately treat to indulge in, enjoy!


    Chocolate Easter Cake Ingredients

    • 125g dark chocolate (min 70%)
    • 50g butter
    • 250g of sugar
    • 2 large free range/organic eggs
    • 150g plain flour

    Chocolate Ganache

    • 100g melted dark chocolate
    • 200ml of whipping cream
    • 1 tsp vanilla sugar


    • Colourful chocolate eggs



    To make Chocolate Easter Cake

    Preheat the oven to 175°C, Butter an 18cm round tin

    Carefully melt the chocolate in the microwave or traditionally; by breaking up the chocolate and placing in a bowl placed into a pot of hot simmering water, let the butter melt into the chocolate – ensure that no water gets into the chocolate.

    Mix the eggs well with the sugar, add the flour. Carefully add the chocolate mixture.

    Pour the mixture into the prepared tin, transfer to a hot oven and leave to bake for ca. 20-25 minutes or until it fells spongy on top.

    Leave to cool before removing from the tin.

    Just before serving the cake:

    Carefully remove the cake from the tin and place on a plate or decorative platter.

    Chop the chocolate for the ganache, carefully melt the chocolate in the microwave or as above. Mix 100ml of cream into the melted chocolate.

    Whip the remaining of the cream and fold into the cooled chocolate mixture (leave to cool for ca. 10 minutes)

    Spread onto the chocolate cake and sprinkle with chocolate eggs


    You can use the above recipe to make a delicious chocolate pudding, replace the chocolate eggs and scatter with raspberries or perhaps add 2 table spoons of Cointreau to the chocolate ganache and the peel of an organic orange to the cake mixture for an extraordinary desert.

    Download Chocolate Easter Cake recipe in pdf format (50kb)



  • Easter Eggs & Bunnies

    Easter Eggs & Bunnies for your Easter party.

    easter eggs

    We love these classic papier mache Easter eggs, they open up and allow you to put
    anything you wish inside. Not everyone loves chocolate including myself
    but fill this with jelly beans and I'm a happy bunny.
    But they also allow you to place a little gift, a written promise ...could be 'bake you a cake', or simply 'a walk in the woods' to more elaborate things...either way, both the eggs and the content will no doubt bring joy. The eggs of course also keep for years.

    This year we are stocking our all time best selling Beatrix Potter Easter eggs, the cutest retro bunny designs and a very traditional vintage bunny designs which we all recognise
    from old decoupages images...choices. choices...!

    Easter Bunny table setting


    This years collection of bunny themed tableware is just irresistible...choose from soft pom pom tailed foil bunny cups, bunny plates and napkins, pastel coloured plates and napkins, soft pastel coloured table confetti and pretty sparkling t-light glass in lush pastel....
    paper straws etc etc etc...just tooooo good not to have a bunny dressed table this year!


  • Mother's Day Crafts & Treats

    Mother's day is definitely a day for treats and we have plenty of these to share from the Pipii recipe archive

    Mothers' day

    Take a look at the Quick & Easy Gingerbread Loaf, perfect to share.

    Ginger loaf

    Or the Blueberry Muffins with Crumble toppingblueberry muffis
    Set a pretty tea time table mixing beautifully pieces of china (which sadly never really gets 'airtime' in our house) for Mother's day - I love filling them with flowers and mixing it all up... pretty paper plates, cups, napkins, doilies and best of all, homebake..its easy to do and very hard to beat!!

    Check out these pretty tableware & baking products below as inspiration...

    Mothers Day

    and if you really want to go to town...create a Alison in Wonderland teatime extravaganza...so much fun :-) Alsion teatime cake stand

    Be creative with a little gift or 2, make up little notes with lovely promises...simple things like '...Your favourite dinner cooked', '...scones baked on a cold day'or 'I will do the washing up tomorrow' are my absolute favourite and are always sure to please.
    Place them inside boxes and decorate with twine, stickers, stamps or tape.
    A perfect Mother's day gift!!

    gift boxes

    Happy Mothers' Day xx

  • Valentine Feast & Festivities

    Valentine Festivities...

    Here at Pipii we ♥ to make the most of any given occasion hence Valentines day
    is yet another one you can have a bit of fun with.
    Share it with all your loved ones in all sort of weird & wonderful ways... Decorate the house, get crafting, bake or cook a special treat & meal and
    most importantly, just have a lovely day together ♥

    Deck the halls in garlands, banners and honeycomb balls, bells or hearts....valentine decorations

    or be tempted by our new cute heart foil balloons....

    valentine balloons

    Have fun setting a fabulous table...heart palm leaf plates, pink paper straws, pink or red wooden cutlery, paper napkins...all 100% eco friendly so you can show love to the planet too.

    And have fun crafting with your kids...home-made gifts and treats will melt any granny's hearts!

    Valentine Feasts...

    ...The way to anyone's heart....is home-baked goodies!

    Greet your kiddies with these gourmet Danish Cinnamon rolls...add sprinkle & sparkle & pink icing just for Valentine!

    They are of course perfect for any day...I baked them yesterday for my daughters dance exam and needless to say, they gave her just the right spring in her step!!

    Valentine cinnamon rolls

    Quick and easy, 1 hour from start to finish and you will have most in the larder...maybe just stock up on sprinkles!!!
    Find the recipe here

    Enjoy ♥

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