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Gingerbread House & Biscuits - 2 great recipes!

Gingerbread House & Biscuits

gingerbread biscuits

An all time Christmas tradition....
Once you smell freshly baked gingerbread you know
that Christmas is not far behind.

Gingerbread last well and are perfect fun to make with the kids using cutters in all sort of shapes, leave a small hole at the top and hang some on your tree. Or use to create your very own gingerbread house, an all time favourite Christmas baking activity at our house as seen here...we get creative with icing sugar, ripple chocolate bars, chocolate buttons and what doesn't go on the house...
well, have a guess?!

gingerbread house
We have 2 great recipes to share with you here:

Traditional gingerbread recipe.

or a Scandinavian recipe with honey. This is softer but still perfect for both house & biscuits. All the bakeries in Denmark and Germany make and sell these; these soft and delicious tasting hearts are mostly decorated with a thin coat of dark chocolate and decorated with a vintage decoupage image of Father Christmas or Angels and your loved ones name written in white icing.
If you have ever visited a Christmas market in Northern Europe you are bound to have come across these beautiful hearts at the many Christmas stalls.

We also stock a great selection of Christmas cookie cutters at Pipii for biscuits like the ones below.

Christmas cookie cutters

soft honey gingerbread biscuits
Have fun baking and making.
Nicky x