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True Paper Magic - Honeycomb Paper Decorations

Honeycomb Decorations - True Paper Magic

It is time to create magic... Honeycomb Decorations...
In our view, simply the best Christmas, wedding and year round party decorations. Honeycomb Paper Decorations - balls, bells, fans and snowflakes are magic creations. The way the start off as plain looking piles of paper and how they simply unfold and turn into the most fantastic and intricate shapes, is nothing less than magic!

Let the snowflakes be the centrepiece!

I have fond childhood memories of multicoloured garlands and fans. – Immediately fascinated by their magic. These amazing honeycomb paper decorations seemed to disappear for a while and when Pipii launched in 2009, it was one of the products on our wish list to re-introduce…

The popularity of honeycomb paper decorations has grown hugely since we first started stocking them in 2010 and are now available everywhere in all colours, shapes and sizes. The quality varies greatly, if you buy good quality, they will be made with lovely colour-fast tissue paper and strong cardboard inners which means that they will keep year after year and stand the test of time. They will then make great ‘hand me downs’ (hopefully remembered in the same way as we do).
For Christmas, we hang honeycomb paper snowflakes in all sizes in large windows mixed in with twinkling fairy-lights, it is so beautiful, so simple, so inexpensive and so effective, nothing else can really match a display like it.

Honeycomb Paper Balls are hugely popular, all year round …for weddings to Christmas….all colours and sizes. stock honeycomb paper balls from 48cm (in diameter) right down to 5cm (dia). With the smaller ones you can create dainty little baubles for the tree and branches to making ball garlands also to go round the tree or as part of a mantelpiece garland or swag…

The smaller size honeycomb balls look great on our display tree as above.

The 3 sizes in the middle, 12, 20 and 30cm are the most popular and look
great displayed together either as simply table décor
…hanging in windows or ceiling in a mix of sizes.

Lots of our customer use them only folded halfway out and then secured onto a wall or table on both sides of the circle to create a semi circle as part of a room display or they are displayed together with snowflakes or fans for a lovely effect. Hanging a couple of balls together in a variety of sizes creates the most effective display, a quick and easy way to add a bit of wow to a room. They also look great mixed together with snowflakes.

For Christmas the most popular honeycomb ball colour is white closely followed by red but we do see more and more than customers are inspired by magazines such as Living etc to be bold and brave and create with colours hence we have this year expanded our collection of snowflakes to include some real wow colours. We see no end to the interest in honeycomb balls and decorations in general and suspect that they
will go nowhere in the foreseeable future.

All you have to do is to choose which colours, shape and size is going to adore your home...Enjoy!