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Easter Egg Containers, Traditional Scandi Easter Fun

This is one of the finest and most fun Scandinavian Easter traditions. Papier mache Easter egg containers available in beautiful traditional designs as well as the classic Beatrix Potter images. These egg shells open up and are ready to be filled with your children’s favourites or depending on the age of the receiver, this could easily hold a lovely piece of jewellery..

Easter egg papier mache containers

We think these are much more fun than a typical chocolate egg and only the imagination limits your choice of surprise!
Whatever takes your fancy, this could of course also be a written promise, a poem and a hoping !!! But of course, good chocolate will do!!

Easter egg papier mache containers from

We remember them from when we were kids and had the same one for years...easy to stack as the 'halves' sit inside each other neatly.

They are available in many sizes, the small and medium ones also looks super cute displayed hanging from a ribbon in windows.

Also check out the blank kraft paper and white Easter egg containers which are ideal for kids to decorate themselves. The white one are easy to draw and paint onto and the kraft eggs looks really pretty sparsely decorated with feather, ribbon etc.

Plain white craft easter eggs Easter Egg Containers

And if you want something very different from actual Easter egg containers, you could always go for the mini pinatas. They are also available in a bunny designs, so cute and hard to resist. They would look so pretty as part of the bunny tableware series on an Easter table.

Mini pinatas from Pipii

Easter egg containers are just one of this season essentials!!