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Pine Cone Fire Starters - A Great January Crafts Activity

Pine Cone Fire Starters, a great fun way to start a dull January. So Christmas is over but January is very long and the days are still so dark and dreary but with nice activities they do go by faster, so a great January craft activity to make is Pine cone Fire Starters.

Pinecone firestarters

Fire starters are fun to make with the kids and beautiful gift to give and receive. After Christmas we always have loads of candle odds and sods leftover so this is a perfect thing to use them for. We usually also have a loads of very dry pine cones (often a little bit second hand looking, having been chewed by the dog or played with by the cat) so this is another reason to reuse them as they probably won’t last till next year. So this craft activity ticks so many boxes…fun to make, it’s creative, it turns a dull January Saturday into an interesting (and educational one at that) its sustainable and completely zero waste living, it makes a great present (perfect for your parents as a fun ‘happy valentine’ surprise) and it makes the house smell nice…you get it, I’ll stop now …basically it’s just such a fab thing to make.

pine cone

pine cone firestarters

So you have your dry pine cones, your old candle bits, your cupcake wrappers, some bits of greenery or use rosemary for the smell, or alternatively essential oils if desired and you are ready to roll.

Now, I use one of our polished natural coconut bowls to melt the wax in but you could use any bowls, so long as it can sit in a bowl of hot water until the candle bits are fully melted. The coconut bowls do a great job for this.

So I break up all my candle stubs and put a few twigs of pine needles / rosemary on top (or if I have no rosemary etc or fancy something a bit different, then essential oils are lovely). I then place the coconut bowl inside a pot of hot just simmering water. It usually takes about 15-20mins for the candles to fully melt. I have in the meantime arranged my pine cones in cupcake liners with a few twigs of spruce, tree ivy, eucalyptus (or what ever I have to hand) and once the wax is liquid, I pour it over the pine cones into the cupcake liners and leave to set.

Return 10 mins later and there they are all ready to use or to package up for a gift. and nothing looks lovelier than a brown kraft box tied with string or raffia and a seasonal twig!! I made some for Christmas as you can see below using our recycled brown Kraft paper boxes.

If you have some extra large pine cones that won’t fit inside a cupcake liner, you can also just coat the actual pine cone in wax and leave to set on a sheet of greaseproof paper, tied with a tag (again this makes the cutest of hostess gifts).

Finally, if I still need to persuade you to try this, then think how pretty they will look next to the fire place in a bowl compared to that cardboard box of fire lighter (My husband still buys these and I hate them (one day he will converts to making his own pine cone).

The pine cone doesn’t need a wick. Just stick in the fireplace with some kindling and light.

pine cone kindle fireplace

If you are doing this activity with your kids, please do take extra care with the liquid wax as it is sooo very hot.

Let me know what you think…. x