Pipii's Party Ideas and themes

Want to do something a little bit different, but not sure what? We hope we may be able to inspire you with some of our fun & festive party ideas & themes.

Here at Pipii.co.uk we love to party & celebrate. Parties should be fun, festive, unique and personal. Whether you are planning a wedding, a christening, a birthday or an impromptu gathering with friends, it is possible to make it a special occasion without a huge effort. Equally it is also possible to get totally involved and have great fun creating a truly spectacular show piece.

Either way we hope you will have fun doing so. Enjoy!

  • True Paper Magic - Honeycomb Paper Decorations

    Honeycomb Decorations - True Paper Magic

    It is time to create magic... Honeycomb Decorations...
    In our view, simply the best Christmas, wedding and year round party decorations. Honeycomb Paper Decorations - balls, bells, fans and snowflakes are magic creations. The way the start off as plain looking piles of paper and how they simply unfold and turn into the most fantastic and intricate shapes, is nothing less than magic!

    Let the snowflakes be the centrepiece!

    I have fond childhood memories of multicoloured garlands and fans. – Immediately fascinated by their magic. These amazing honeycomb paper decorations seemed to disappear for a while and when Pipii launched in 2009, it was one of the products on our wish list to re-introduce…

    The popularity of honeycomb paper decorations has grown hugely since we first started stocking them in 2010 and are now available everywhere in all colours, shapes and sizes. The quality varies greatly, if you buy good quality, they will be made with lovely colour-fast tissue paper and strong cardboard inners which means that they will keep year after year and stand the test of time. They will then make great ‘hand me downs’ (hopefully remembered in the same way as we do).
    For Christmas, we hang honeycomb paper snowflakes in all sizes in large windows mixed in with twinkling fairy-lights, it is so beautiful, so simple, so inexpensive and so effective, nothing else can really match a display like it.

    Honeycomb Paper Balls are hugely popular, all year round …for weddings to Christmas….all colours and sizes.
    Pipii.co.uk stock honeycomb paper balls from 48cm (in diameter) right down to 5cm (dia). With the smaller ones you can create dainty little baubles for the tree and branches to making ball garlands also to go round the tree or as part of a mantelpiece garland or swag…

    The smaller size honeycomb balls look great on our display tree as above.

    The 3 sizes in the middle, 12, 20 and 30cm are the most popular and look
    great displayed together either as simply table décor
    …hanging in windows or ceiling in a mix of sizes.

    Lots of our customer use them only folded halfway out and then secured onto a wall or table on both sides of the circle to create a semi circle as part of a room display or they are displayed together with snowflakes or fans for a lovely effect. Hanging a couple of balls together in a variety of sizes creates the most effective display, a quick and easy way to add a bit of wow to a room. They also look great mixed together with snowflakes.

    For Christmas the most popular honeycomb ball colour is white closely followed by red but we do see more and more than customers are inspired by magazines such as Living etc to be bold and brave and create with colours hence we have this year expanded our collection of snowflakes to include some real wow colours. We see no end to the interest in honeycomb balls and decorations in general and suspect that they
    will go nowhere in the foreseeable future.

    All you have to do is to choose which colours, shape and size is going to adore your home...Enjoy!


  • Frightfully Good Halloween

    Halloween Fun - The perfect excuse to turn ordinary days & nights into a bit of fun!
    Welcome visitors with a carved pumpkin lantern to crate a little bit of atmosphere.
    Invite in the friendly neighbourhood ghosts, gaols, witches & monsters to a table with ghostly delights, set the table with the most brilliant stripy plates, bat cups and bat foil napkins from Ginger Ray & Meri Meri. A backdrop of bats of fluttering bats are perfect to set the scene. Create a Skeleton photo props and hang out with a life-size cut-out skeleton decorations for a bit of fun, temporary tattoos, Day of Dead balloons & banners, stickers and table decorations. What more could your little house ghosts wish for...

    No Halloween is complete without a little recipe... Try to keep you vampire teeth in while you chew on these delicious Toffee Apples...

    Recipe for Toffee Apples...

    Relive nostalgic childhood memories with these cracking good toffee coated apples. To make them a little different add a little red food dye to the toffee, to get a beautiful red shiny toffee and dust with desiccated coconut.


    • 225g demerara sugar
    • 110 ml water
    • 0.5 tsp vinegar
    • 2 tbsp golden syrup
    • 25g butter
    • 6 apples
    • 6 BBQ sticks, for holding the apples


    Please note that making toffee must be approached with caution; toffee gets very, very hot (up to 140 °C) as it is boils!

    1. Dissolve the sugar in the water over a moderate heat. When it has dissolved, stir in the vinegar, syrup and butter. Bring to a boil and cook without stirring until it reaches hard-crack stage (138°C) or hardens into a ball when dropped in a bowl of cold water. This should take around 10-15 minutes boiling time.
    2. While the syrup is cooking, wash the apples and dry well, pierce each apple with a wooden BBQ stick. Once the toffee is ready, add an optional drop of red food colouring and stir well. Dip each apple into the hot toffee, turning it around in the syrup so that each one is fully coated.
    3. Optional; Dust with desiccated coconut
    4. Leave to harden on a lightly oiled tray before serving. If bringing the toffee coated apples with you to a bonfire party, why not pack them individually in our pla brown or white paper bags. If you're planning to keep them for a day or two, wrap the apples in cellophane bags.
  • Enjoy a party without costing the earth!

    Something for everyone with Pipii's vast range of biodegradable eco friendly palm leaf and sugar cane tableware, paper straws, cups and napkins, perfect for any festive gathering, whether a 'green eco wedding', outdoor festival and event, birthdays or bbq. Enjoy knowing that you are doing your bit for the planet. Just pop your biodegradable tableware the compost heap after the event, no need for washing up.

    Our best selling 26cm round palm leaf plates, Bamboo Cutlery and coconuts seem to be our customers favourites this summer.

    Thinking of hosting a eco party or celebration? Look no further, we stock a superb range of eco-friendly, disposable biodegradable & sustainable stylish tableware. Sugar-cane (bagasse) plates & palm-leaf plates & bowls in various sizes and designs, platters & wooden trays. Wooden cutlery, bamboo cutlery packs, cocktail sticks, canapé cones, kraft disposable trays, take-away boxes, kraft boxes with PLA windows, Chinese carry-out boxes with handles and gable boxes. Smart soup cups with lids, brown & white recyclable paper bags with pla window. Great picnic sets with everything you need for a day out. Newsprint fish & chip greaseproof paper & pockets. Large range of biodegradable PLA eco wine glasses, pint glasses and PLA cups. Great choice of paper cups; white single wall cups, brown ripple cups, black ripple cups & craft cups. Inspiring selection of quality paper napkins in various colours and design and not forgetting our superb range of striped paper straws in a rainbow of colours & place-mats and tablecloths.


  • Magical Woodland Party for all ages!

    This is the perfect time of year for a 'Magical Woodland Party'

    Magic Woodland party

    Make some magic on your child’s birthday with a magical woodland party. Be inspired by Winnie the Pooh – Pipii’s neighbour in the Ashdown Forest, Peter Rabbit, the Gruffalo, flower fairies or any other magical, mythical woodland creatures such as gnomes, elves and goblins. Use plenty of nature imagery too – trees, toadstools, mushrooms, owls and butterflies.

    Decide whether you’ll go out into a woodland near you - Look here - for a party, or bring nature into your home.
    If you’re lucky enough to have a space in your garden to transform, hang bunting, garlands, tea lights, and baubles from trees, tall shrubs or fence posts creating a magical area to eat and play. Create a magic fairy circle with a toadstool in the middle (use a red cushion or cloth with white stickers for spots).

    Use natural decorations for a magic woodland party, for example hanging pine and fir cones tied with ribbon from a garland or dried leaves work really well too, Raffia is a good alternative to strings & twine too. Moss and berries are essentials.

    Please see some suggestions for more magical woodland birthday party ideas:

    Magical woodland party food:

    Toadstool cupcakes – decorate with red icing overhanging the edge of the cake, with white chocolate chips as the spots.

    toadstool cupcake

    Use edible flowers on a birthday cake or cupcake – violets, rose petals, lavender and marigolds all look gorgeous, as do our edible wafer butterflies.

    Create a magical woodland floor salad with toadstools nestled in a bed of green lettuce and cucumber. Make the toadstools with half a tomato fixed onto a boiled egg with mayonnaise spots. Use cocktail sticks to keep them together.

    Fairy bread – popular at children’s parties in Australia. Spread sliced white bread with margarine or butter and cover with hundreds and thousands.

    Pipii fairy basket

    Magical woodland party creative crafts:

    Woodland art – depending on the time of year, collect fir cones, leaves, seed pods, sticks, feathers and let the children do the rest.

    Dream catchers – your party guests can take them home or you can use them as party decorations. Our bakers twine is great for this activity.

    Animal or magical woodland creature masks – have templates ready for colouring in and decorating. This is a great welcome activity.

    Pipii woodland party

    Magical woodland party games:

    Find the fairy – hide some fairies in your garden or party space for the children to find. Use flower fairy images or the cup cake toppers if you have any left over for this game.

    Or shake some fairy dust on traditional party games, for example, musical fairies, or pin the wand on the fairy.

    BUT lets not forget the about the ones who are kids at heart!!
    Nothing like autumn to get you on the mood for a winter warming evening or weekend with friends, a walk in the wild woods, stew brewing a home and the log fire burning. Proper Danish 'hygge' if ever I had to describe it...

    And don't forget to set the scene with toasty (and easy as they don't need to washed up but can go straight into the compost). Palm leaf plates or bowls, beautiful autumn rose hip napkins or the fun and festive prints from Vicky Sawyer.
    Dot the table with pine cones and other seasonal find...etc etc...see some idea below or go to Pipii.co.uk for inspirational products.

    woodland table setting

    Check out the Pipii craft and recipe archive for more ideas.

    fairy cakes

    Here to the last of the summer sun, despite the resent weather, autumn is not quite here yet xx












  • Wedding season - All things unique & beautiful here!

    It's the wedding season, one of our favourite celebrations to find products for because this is the one time in your life where anything goes.
    You can have a Bohemian palour, an Alice in Wonderland theme, a classic beautiful white wedding or a rustic hay bale Cèilidh!!
    Anything goes as long as it is exactly what you wished for....

    Pipii wedding season.

    The wedding season is all year really and Pipii sells a lovely range of wedding decorations, tableware and everything else to make the most beautiful unique and personal wedding party throughout the year, flower garlands to tissue paper honeycomb snowflakes.

    We would like to help create the wedding of your dream – take inspiration this season from our emporium of unique range of wedding decorations & favours.
    Whether looking for beautiful paper decorations, glittery garlands, perfect favours, tableware or just final touches, we stock an abundance of inspirational, stylish vintage and contemporary fabulous wedding finds.

    Pipii.co.uk wedding decorations

    We stock anything from delicate tissue paper decorations & garlands in lush colours, authentic Mexican tissue paper bunting (knowns as picado's), Pinatas, colourful confetti , sparklers & canons. Everything for your table setting; table numbers, place cards, vases, t-lights & candlesticks.

    Take me to Pipii's wedding emporium.

    Add a splash of colour!
    Why not take inspiration in these fabulous photo's by Sue Kwiatkowska,
    create a Cuban feel with colour & fun.

    Pipii.co.uk Cuban party.

    Pipii.co.uk Cuban fiesta

    Add your own personal touch to create a truly memorable unique wedding celebration - Be inspired by pipii.co.uk





  • Join the Party - It is time to celebrate

    Join in the fun... It is that time of year again, time to celebrate.

    Let's get the party started with a wonderful array of colourful and fun decorations. Whether having a party, decorating your wedding venue or celebrating important birthdays. Create a festive look with colour and shapes, choose from our many honeycomb decorations,
    garlands, fans & streamers.

    Join The Party

  • Springtime, blossom and colourful birds

    Yipee...It is that time a year, everything is bright and beautiful. Time to enjoy Spring Colours, Colourful Birds & Blossom.


    And it’s causing quite a flutter here at Pipii.

    birds, birds, birds

    Delightful feathered birds, cupcake cases and exotic bird toppers, napkins, funky flamingo table centre decorations, silver porcelain birds and tags.
    We just can’t fly them in fast enough…G
    et your birdies while stock lasts!





  • Creepy crawly Halloween fun

    spooktacular fun cropped

    Creepy, crawly Halloween fun, blazing Bonfires, crunchy treacle, toffee apples and awesome fireworks; Spooktacular fun for everyone!

    Prepare a frightfully good welcome to all the visiting ghost and ghouls on the spookiest night of all.

    Decorate with colourful honeycomb tissue paper pumpkins, wicked Halloween cupcake cases, toppers and treat boxes. Halloween rock sweets, balloons, skeleton garlands and serviettes, colourful stripy straws and much much more.

    Tasty hair-raising recipes for cakes and other goodies perfect for a flock of hungry and thirsty partygoers. Just have a look in our Pipii Notebook

    halloween 2016 800pc

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