Christmas Lights & Candles

Create Hygge this Christmas. Light candles around the home, use tea light glasses and jars – make them festive by tying a bow & twig. Make your own Advent wreath. Hang led light chains from ceilings or drape across the fireplace. Create sparkle on the festive Christmas table by interweaving with natural foliage & pinecones. For very magical Christmas, dress the tree with beautiful decorations and Christmas tree candles, to create the most special moment.
Candles glow beautifully in the night sky and look stunning used to light up a festive table and to create stunning table settings. We stock dinner table candles, Christmas tree candles, balance holders & clips, Bolsious tea lights and metallic ombre pillar candles as well as a huge selection of classic timeless candles holders, candle sticks, jars, vessels and lanterns in glass, metals, zinc and paper to suit all Christmas & New Year themes and styles. We even sell candle holder spikes, perfect for creating your own advent wreath or Christmas candle decorations.
Place tea lights inside or outside for a gorgeous glow on a cold or damp winter or autumnal evening! Dress the table with candle sticks in varying heights & designs to create a stunning table setting lit by natural candles.

  • Black Metal Flower Candlestick

    Black Metal Flower Candlestick

    sku: 500-203

    Hygge for house and home. 7cm in diameter.

    Regular Price: £1.99

    Special Price £1.49

  • Square Clear Tealight Glass

    Square Clear Tealight Glass

    sku: 500-189

    Gorgeous, timeless and great value square t-light glass.

    Regular Price: £2.65

    Special Price £1.72

  • Clear 'Crystal' Tealight Glass

    Clear 'Crystal' Tealight Glass

    sku: 500-197

    Gorgeous & timeless Tealight glass.

    Regular Price: £3.50

    Special Price £1.75

  • Red 'Crystal' Tealight Glass

    Red 'Crystal' Tealight Glass

    sku: 500-198

    Gorgeous & timeless tealight glass in red specially for the festive season.

    Regular Price: £3.50

    Special Price £1.75

  • 5 Large Starburst Candle Bags

    5 Large Starburst Candle Bags

    sku: 500-159

    Stunning year round candle bags to be used inside or out! 5 in a pack.

    Regular Price: £4.99

    Special Price £3.24

  • 5 Large Heart Candle Bags

    5 Large Heart Candle Bags

    sku: 500-158

    Beautiful large candle bags for weddings or engagements. 5 in a pack.

    Regular Price: £4.99

    Special Price £3.24

  • 'XMAS' Candle Bags

    'XMAS' Candle Bags

    sku: 500-154

    Beautiful smaller tea light lanterns spelling XMAS across 4 bags.

    Regular Price: £3.85

    Special Price £2.50

  • 'Moose' Christmas Candle Bags

    'Moose' Christmas Candle Bags

    sku: 500-153

    6 Beautiful tea light lanterns with a hole punched pattern.

    Regular Price: £3.75

    Special Price £1.88

  • Love Nylon Light Sign

    Love Nylon Light Sign

    sku: 500-169

    Perfectly formed 'Love' light for your loved ones!

    Regular Price: £21.95

    Special Price £10.98

    Out of stock

  • 20 Silver Mini Indoor Sparklers

    20 Silver Mini Indoor Sparklers

    sku: 500-001

    20 silver sparklers in a box. Great fun both indoor and out.

  • 20 Gold Indoor Mini Sparklers

    20 Gold Indoor Mini Sparklers

    sku: 500-036

    20 gold sparklers in a tube. Make a wish and sparkle like a star.

  • Silver Ice Fountains - Pack of 3

    Silver Ice Fountains - Pack of 3

    sku: 500-027

    Stunning Ice Fountains to add some sparkle and a little magic to your party. Pack of 3

    Regular Price: £4.99

    Special Price £4.49

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