Wonderful presented canapes. Make the presentation of your party food, buffet and canapés irresistible with our wooden canapé cones, bamboo bowls, kidei wooden boats, and buffet forks. For serving your hors d’oeuvres, tasty tidbits, finger food, delicious dips and mouthwatering morsels, look no further. Bamboo cocktail sticks in natural, black. Perfect heart bamboo cocktail sticks or cocktail sticks with a diamond, ball or Christmas tree shaped. We have bamboo chop sticks for the brave, small wooden party forks and spoons for the less so. Perfect sugarcane cocktail plates, fabulous coconut bowls & boats, taster bowls & mini buffet plates. There is even a wicker basket canapé cone stand to display your creations. Complete the scene with canapé flags. And what’s more, all canapé cones, boats and bowls for your party, occasion or event are disposable and biodegradable.

  • 25 Red Heart Cocktail Sticks

    25 Red Heart Cocktail Sticks

    sku: 400-139

    Cute red heart topped bamboo cocktail sticks. Wow! Pack of 25.

  • 50 Mini Cocktail Sticks

    50 Mini Cocktail Sticks

    sku: 400-113

    Wonderfully stylish birchwood sticks. Approx 50 sticks in a bag. 65mm.

  • 25 Looped Bamboo Skewers

    25 Looped Bamboo Skewers

    sku: 400-045

    Wonderfully stylish looped Bamboo Skewers. Approx 25 skewers in a bag.

  • 25 Christmas Tree Cocktail Sticks

    25 Christmas Tree Cocktail Sticks

    sku: 400-140

    Festive cocktail sticks with tree toppers.. just for Christmas! We just love these! Pack of 25.


    Out of stock

  • 25 Bamboo Deli Sticks

    25 Bamboo Deli Sticks

    sku: 400-044

    Great bamboo deli sticks..use it for everything.


    Out of stock

  • 50 Bamboo Cocktail Sticks

    50 Bamboo Cocktail Sticks

    sku: 400-030

    Wonderfully stylish bamboo cocktail stick. Approx 50 sticks in a bag.

  • 50 Bamboo Buffet Forks

    50 Bamboo Buffet Forks

    sku: 400-031

    Beautiful little disposable bamboo canapé forks.
    Approx 50 forks in a bag.

  • 50 Bamboo BBQ Skewers

    50 Bamboo BBQ Skewers

    sku: 400-029

    Superb quality bamboo skewers, long and very strong, 50 in a pack.

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