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Festive Summer Drink Ice Cubes

Such an easy idea, you will be doing this again and again.

Festive summer drink ice cubes

Your ingredients will depend a little of on the type of drink you will be serving but we would suggest the fruit cubes are suitable for all drinks. You can of course adjust to suit G & T’s to Pimms to Children’s drinks as you like.

All you need is a n ice cube tray, water and some fruit (lemon, water melon, oranges, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries, cucumber and we have used oodles of mint too).

Cut fruit etc into small pieces and place inside the ice cube tray in various combinations, pour on previously boiled water (this will stop the cubes appearing cloudy when frozen) and wait for freezer to work its magic!


Ps : Edible flowers such as ‘Forget me not’s and nasturtiums would look very pretty used in cubes also. Just check which flowers are safe to use first!

Download Festive summer drink ice cubes recipe in pdf format (67kb)