Scary Jelly

Tempt those little ‘Trick and Treaters’ to a little wobbly worm-filled ‘Scary jelly’

Scary Jelly


  • 6-8 wine gum worms
  • 1 packets lime jelly
  • 1 packets strawberry jelly (or choose your own colour creation)
  • Optional, top with scary spiders or other creatures to decorate


  1. Put a worm in the bottom of a pla cup.
  2. Make up the strawberry jelly according to the instructions on the packet. Add ice to make the jelly set faster and to ensure the jelly isn’t warm when you pour it on the worms (so they don’t melt).
  3. Pour the jelly into the pla cups to about halfway up. Leave to set for 1-2 hours in the fridge.
  4. Once set, put another worm on top of the first layer of jelly.
  5. Make up the lime jelly, again using ice to help it set.
  6. Pour it into the cups on top of the first layer to create two layers of different coloured jelly, each with a worm trapped inside.
  7. Leave the jelly to set for 1-2 hours.
  8. Once set, decorate with plastic spiders or other scary creatures.

Download Scary Jelly in pdf format (152kb)

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