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Autumn leaves

We love autumn leaves – their stunning colours and shapes are just fantastic and too good not to use…

…use them to write an invite on, for name tags – tie around a serviettes with a little raffia and add name with a gold or silver pen or use letter stamps if you have any.

…gather a handful of leaves and pop in a vase – again use raffia or jute twine to tie round your bouquet or make a garland with dried leaves.

The best way to treat autumn leaves is to pick fresh from branches or pick as they fall and press them between kitchen roll or tissue paper inside a book.
Leave either to dry completely or to semi dry – if leaves are left to dry completely they will maintain their colour. They will work great to use for gift tags, cards or a garland. If making an invitation from a leaf, just leave to dry for a day or two – this will mean the leaf is still soft and flexible.

To make a garland, there are two methods – one you will need a laminator for.

Autumn leaves

Method 1 (NO laminator)

  • Very simple – collect 20-30 good sizes (Virginia creeper leaves are good, they are a great colour early in the season and have nice big leaves and strong stems) , leave to semi dry for a day or two, but no longer as they can become brittle.
  • Next cut 2-3 meters of jute twine and tie very gently the stem of the leaf on every 8-10cm.
  • Leave 50 cm before starting to tie the leaves on. This gives you a little string at each end to use for hanging up the garland.
  • Once you have finished tying on the leaves, finish the garland by tying on a small bow of raffia in between each leaf.
  • Perfect decoration to celebrate autumn with and this can of course be made as long or short as you wish.

Method 2 (You will need a laminator and hole punch for this garland)

  • Again collect 20-30 leaves, any size you like, if fact a mix works well and dry completely. 4-5 days in a book should do it.
  • Next, you laminate all the leaves and cut round each leaf leaving approx 3-4 mm round the edge of the leave but a little more at the stem of the leaf as this is where you will need to punch a hole to tie the leaf on the string.
  • Next follow the same pattern as above but as the leaves are laminated they are less fragile and you can add wooden beds in autumn colours, conkers or acorns in between each leaf or randomly as you see fit ( holes would have to be drilled through acorn and conkers so wooden beads are much easier to use).
  • Once again, make as long or short as you wish. This garland will keep to be used again and again without loosing its colours.


Download Autumn leaves craft idea in pdf format (161kb)

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