Blackboard Terracotta Plant Pots

An easy and quick project which can make a lovely personalised present any time of year.

Blackboard Terracotta Plant Pots

You will need:

  • Small to Medium sized Terracotta Pots, 1 or as many as you wish to do.
  • Blackboard Pain (available from all good DIY stores)
  • Writing Chalk (we have used white but you could use any colour)


  • Firstly make sure your terracotta pot is nice, clean and not chipped. Can be washed in soapy water but must be completely dry before you proceed.
  • Paint the pot in blackboard paint all the way to the top or if you prefer leave unpainted in the natural terracotta clay at the top of the rim.
  • Leave to day for at least 8 hours.
  • Now write your message on the pot in writing chalk.
  • Finally put in your plant or herbs that you have chosen.
  • If it’s a present you could tie raffia round it and tie a black manilla tag to this with a greeting on.


Download Blackboard Terracotta Plant Pots craft idea in pdf format (69kb)

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