Coloured Eggs using Home-made Dyes

Another way to colour your eggs is to use home-made dyes from what’s in your larder. Using teabags, fruit and veg instead of shop bought dyes gives you a more natural look, and you don't have to worry about anyone being allergic to ingredients you don’t know.

Also most people will have some of these things in their house so this requires no special preparation and can be an impromptu project.

You can mix different things together which will give you a unique color mix. Be creative and have fun!

Use a separate bowl for each colour – it must be deep enough to fully submerge the eggs into.

Cover your work area with paper to protect wood from moisture, as these dyes can stain too.

Coloured egg using food colouring.

You will need the following:

  • Eggs - Hard boiled
  • An assortment of ingredients – see suggestions for colour below
  • Vinegar

For Yellow, use: Yellow onion skins, ground turmeric.
Orange: Same as yellow, with added beetroot juice
Pink: Cranberry juice concentrate
Red: Beetroot, paprika
Blue: Blueberries, red cabbage, grape juice concentrate
Green: Spinach, Kale
Brown: Strong brewed coffee or tea

Coloured eggs using home-made dyes

Egg carton for drying rack or a kitchen roll cut into pieces on which each can rest. Put an old tea towel or some kitchen roll under to catch any colour drops.

If you want to add a simple pattern of stripes or dots you can either use candle wax or string or elastic bands to cover areas of the egg and remove once dry – the covered area will now display the original colour of the egg.

  1. Wash the eggs in warm soapy water to make sure there aren't any oils or soil on the egg to interfere with colouring. Now hard-boil the eggs.
  2. Boil any of the ingredients with a tbsp of vinegar for approx 15 min or longer if more colour is required.
  3. Strain now to remove any solid bits left.
  4. Now you can either choose to decorate the whole egg or alternatively you can cover part of it or make patterns with either candle wax (has to be used when warm and left to harden before submerging into tea dye) or alternatively use string or elastic bands. Just the same way you do with batik/ tie dyeing.
  5. Gently add eggs to the desired bowls. Make sure each egg has room so that liquid touches all sides.
  6. Allow the eggs to float in the dye for at approx 1 hour.
  7. Gently lift the eggs out of the bowl and check the colouring on the eggs. Return to the solution if the desired color is not achieved.
  8. Carefully remove the egg from solution. Place the dyed eggs in the egg carton or on top of the kitchen roll ‘rings’ to dry. Try not to touch the eggs until they've had a chance to dry, but once dry they will be colour-fast.

Finally once the eggs have been dyed, it is time for egg play. One of the oldest and best known games is to roll the eggs down the hill or sloppy surface. If you hit one of the other eggs you win that one. After say 5 rounds, the one with the most eggs is the winner. This game is known in many countries but appears to originate from Germany.

Download Coloured eggs using home-made dyes craft idea in pdf format (30kb)

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