Colourful Mini Piñatas

Mini piñatas make the most fantastic, frilly and flamboyant surprises made simply from toilet rolls, tissue paper, glue and a bit string.

Fill with treats, hang or place tables and wait for the kids to pull the string to reveal the goodies.

You will need:

  • Empty toilet rolls (as many as you would want to make)
  • Tissue paper or Most other paper will do
  • PVA glue or a glue stick
  • Twine or string

You will need to cover one end of the toilet roll with a thin’ish paper as this is where the piñata is opened to reveal the treat inside.

We have used tissue paper and this is the first step to making your piñata.

Colourful Mini Piñatas


  • Cover the end of your toilet roll with paper and secure a piece of string well to this paper before you attach to the roll. The string will need to be secured on what is the inside of the roll but with a ‘toggle’ coming out from the side. This string will make it possible to pull away this piece of paper at the end.
  • Now secure the piece of paper with the toggle sticking out at the side, loosely. Either use a glue stick in 4 places or some sticky tape in a couple of places.
  • Next you decorate the roll in paper starting from the bottom (where we have attached the string and paper end), working your way up. You can either cut a fringed edging onto a piece of paper and twist it all the way round till you get to the top, securing it as you go along with glue or..
  • Fold a piece of tissue paper lengthways and cut large fringes along the folded edge. Once this has been done, fold out the cut edge side and fold in exactly the opposite direction. This creates a ‘puffed’ fringed look which gives a lot of ‘body’ to the paper and the piñata. (we have used this method on the piñatas on the images here).
  • Next attach all the way round and secure with glue as you go along. We have cut lengths in different colours. Continue till you get to the top.
  • Fill your piñata with your treats.
  • Close and secure the top with sticking tape or glue more paper over the edge by squeezing the top toward each other. Alternatively, you could close by attaching a round piece of paper at the top – this makes it a little more fiddly and can be hard to attach a hanging string too but looks great as the roll shape is maintained all the way.
  • If hanging the piñata up. Just attach a piece of string through the top of the closed edge.

Download Colourful Mini Piñatas craft idea in pdf format (73kb)

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