Doily Confetti Containers

…these sweeties were made for wedding confetti but doily cones can of course be of many uses!

You will need:

  • Doilies of your choice
  • Double sided sticky tape or PVA glue
  • Confetti , sweets or filling of your choice

Doily Confetti Containers

Method for round doilies:

  • Cut doilies in half.
  • Roll into a cone as wide or narrow as you would like it and secure side with double sided sticky tape (pva can be used but tends to make it messier and takes a lot longer to make).
  • Now fill them and display in galvanized bucket, vase or other decorative vessel.
  • They will fare better if something like sand is at the bottom for the cones to be ‘poked’ into otherwise you may find that as they reduce in quantity, the remaining cones fall over and confetti is spilled.

Method for heart shaped doilies:

  • Turn into a cone by rolling one side of heart onto the other.
  • As above secure with double sided sticky tape (or PVA)
  • Follow instruction as above.

Download Doily Confetti Containers craft idea in pdf format (82kb)

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