Fun Bird Food

Bird puddings and other bird food…

At winter the birds need more food to keep warm. Make them special bird pudding when it’s very cold and any kind of bird food for the less cold spells as we approach the warmer days of spring.

For the bird pudding, use all kind of pots and containers, cones or put it straight onto the bird table.

In the following recipes/ suggestions we have used cones, white paper cups, cake cutters and twine and wire.

Different methods will attract different birds but you can be sure that all birds will enjoy eating this type of food.


Bird pudding

For bird pudding you will need:

  • Lard, suet or dripping
  • Wild bird seed (available from pet shops, garden centres or most supermarkets)
  • Peanuts
  • Other kitchen scraps, e.g. crumbs from cake or bread, pieces of fruit.

Slowly, on a low heat in either microwave or in a saucepan melt the fat. The fat will get very hot so be very careful if your child is doing this alone – please supervise this part.

When the fat is melted and in a liquid form, add all the ingredients to the pan or bowl carefully. We grated a couple of apples into the mixture. Mix well until you can get no more birdseeds in there comfortably - you will notice that the lard has started to set already.

Hang or place the containers where you want the birds to feed.

If you are not using them straight away remember to wrap in cling film and put them in the fridge until needed.

Also remember that if you start to feed the birds in your garden you must continue to do so throughout the cold season as they will have come to expect it, but you can be sure that it will pay off as the birds come flocking…

Fun Bird food

Alternatively you can make:

Peanut & seed covered cones

For these you will need:

Pine cones, string, smooth peanut butter (or lard can be used as an alternative if nut allergy is a potential problem for the person making them) and finally bird seeds.

First you tie some jute twine round the cone and secure it going round twice. Now enjoy covering it in peanut butter and finally roll the cone in birdseed…and then it’s ready to hang onto your chosen tree.

Monkey nuts on wire or jute twine

For these you will need:

Jute twine or wire, monkey nuts.

Finally how about stringing monkey nuts on wire and make into interesting shapes or make a colourful jute twine garlands full of lovely monkey nuts and use to make the birds (and squirrels) happy whilst it looks fantastic ‘snaking’ its way round your tree, wendy house or across your windows…

Another quick way of keeping your garden animals happy is just to string up your old windfalls or slightly bruised apples that have passed their best.

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