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‘Ghostly’ Popcorn Gloves

Just a quick and easy, but very effective idea for a bit of fun for children’s parties or Halloween. Great for decoration and could make a yummy going home treats in place of the traditional party bag.

‘Ghostly’ Popcorn Gloves

You will need:

  • Popcorn – whichever flavour you prefer
  • String
  • Plastic gloves, the thin ones you see at petrol stations – you should be able to buy in a good DIY shop.

Make a big batch of popcorns and now sit down with your kids while enjoying a popcorn or two and fill as many gloves as you have guest and a couple for spares. Once packed fairly solid, tie it closed with string, leaving enough string so you can tie up in a window – door way, anywhere you like.

‘Ghostly popcorn’ gloves in an instant!!

‘Ghostly’ Popcorn Gloves

Download Ghostly’ Popcorn Gloves craft idea in pdf format (72kb)