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Glass Jar & Container Glitter or Paint Upcycling!

More of more people are getting into crafting and enjoy the idea of reusing old items for upcycling. Glass jar and container have always had plenty of usage in them and are used widely to add to the popular shabby chic and vintage look to hold anything from t-lights, pens to wedding table flowers in their original form. However add a layer of glue, a tub of glitter or a pot of blackboard paint and you will never again be short of idea for gifts and/ or party and table decorations.

Glass Jar & Container Glitter or Paint Upcycling!

How to:

  • To glitter: Coat your item in thick PVA glue and sprinkle immediately with fine to medium glitter. Leave to dry. You can mask off areas or patterns, stripes or half the jars if using them for t-light...imagine a garden party lit from hanging magical glittered glass lanterns. Ensure you string the wire round the ‘neck’ of the jar prior to glittering it. Or a wedding table decked in glittered vases and bottles full of grasses and flowers…pretty sure this also make a lovely mothers day gift. I know I would love one!
  • Blackboard paint is another great idea. Perfect for bottles which can then be used to write table numbers or greeting on…naming jar for which items they hold etc. Ensure the jar/bottle/ container is thoroughly clean and dried prior to painting the jar. You will most likely need to apply a couple of coats before it is completely covered. Make sure you allow each coat to dry before applying the next otherwise it will ‘pull off’ the previous coat. Write onto with white ink pens or proper chalk sticks.
  • Spray paint; If you have a colour themed party, spray painted glass jar and vessels are another cheap and effective way of dressing a table. It also looks fabulous with an array of different vessels in the same colour. Bottle also makes great candle holders...spray in your desired colour (or gold/silver - can you tell I love metallics at the moment) and secure a candle on top. You can then use any manner of decorative bits to add interest round the top of the bottle too...

Oh I could go on but hope this may have inspired a few of you to create some fabulous pieces for parties, weddings, Mothers Day gifts and more parties!

Download Glass Jar & Container Glitter or Paint Upcycling craft idea in pdf format (57kb)

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