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Glitter Easter Egg Decorations

It would seem that this year glitter is allowed on everything and everywhere so lets have glitter Easter eggs…

Glitter Easter Egg Decorations

We have used:

  • Natural wooden eggs (sku 300-278 and 300-277)
  • Plain natural chicken eggs (sku 200-140)
  • Papier mache eggs (sku 200-106 or 200-108)
  • And glitter and glue!! (Any good crafts shop or the pound stores)

How to:

  • If you want a totally covered glitter egg, the coat or brush your egg in PVA glue, then dip egg in a bowl of glitter, gently roll from side to side. ‘Fish’ the egg out and hang to dry.
  • The chicken eggs looks great with either half coated in glitter, glitter polka dots or swirls…brush on PVA in your pattern and sprinkle glitter over. Be generous with the PVA otherwise the glitter can look patchy.

Download Glitter Easter Egg Decorations craft idea in pdf format (69kb)