Heart Shaped Paper Cones

An easy to make project which can be used many times a year. Just choose the paper to suit the occasion when or where these paper cones/ containers are to be used.

Heart Shaped Paper Cones

You will need:

  • Heart Shaped Paper Cone pdf template – you can reduce or enlarge to suit, or use the pattern to make your own (once you have made the first one it’s get very quick and easy)
  • Scissors
  • Paper or card (needs to be thick paper like wallpaper, handmade paper or lightweight card)
  • PVA Glue (optional)
  • Ribbon or Twine


  • Trace template onto your chosen paper/card.
  • Cut it out and fold along perforated lines.
  • Once all the folds have been creased open piece of paper up again.
  • Now holding 2 hearts towards each other (the paper is now folded in half), fold in the sides, by ‘pressing’ the middle crease and ‘force’ them toward the inside centre of the heart cone. The rest should follow.
  • You may find that the creases are folded the ‘wrong’ way – if this is the case, gently easy them the correct way so that you end up with a heart with 2 inside compartments.
  • Secure the inside folds to each other by letting them gently overlap. Make a hole here and secure a piece of ribbon or twine to hang it from.
  • It may be helpful to add a bit of glue to help hold these together when attaching the twine.
  • Lastly, fill it with some goodies…love hearts always do the trick!


Download Heart Shaped Paper Cones craft idea in pdf format (65kb)

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