Homemade Kindle Pinecones

Make your own eco friendly fire lighters to give as a gift. Kindle cones are much more efficient than paper and 100% greener than chemical fire lighters.

And to top it all – they are fun, quick and easy and you can create these in minutes with your kids of almost any age (just watch the hot wax)!

Homemade Kindle Pinecones

You will need:

  • Natural pine-cones
  • T-lights (use soy or 100% wax candles)
  • Fairy cupcake cases (small cupcake cases).
  • Oven and a baking tray (ideally a cupcake baking tray though flat baking tray will work too).
  • Optional: You can scent your cones with either real lavender, cinnamon or scented oil.


  • Pre heat your oven on at 170c.
  • Take your t-light out of their metal case they come supplied in and take out the wick from the centre and keep aside.
  • Place the same amount cup cases in your baking tray as you have t-lights.
  • Place a t-light in each case.
  • Now place the t-light cases in the oven for approx 10 min till wax has melted.
  • Remove from oven but watch the wax as this is now very hot.
  • If you are adding lavender or other scent, add these to the melted wax now before the pine-cones.
  • Now add a pinecone, bottom down, to each case of melted wax.
  • Take the wicks and snip off any metal circles at the bottoms.
  • As the wax begins to set, add the wicks to the wax by the side of the pinecone. They just need to be submerged approx 4-5mm so that they sit in the wax and you will be able to use this wick to light the kindle cones.
  • Wait for wax to set completely and then wrap beautifully in a kraft box!
  • Perfect eco – friendly and home-made Christmas present.

Download Homemade Kindle Pinecones craft idea in pdf format (68kb)

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