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How to decorate Pipii tableware

We suggest the best plates and bowls to use for decorating is our white sugarcane pieces – they feel like cartridge paper, are easy to stamp/draw onto and also very easy to apply stickers to and to use glue on.

Equally you can use our white paper cups in the same way – great for painting, sticking or stamping onto. Our pla cups can be decorated too but is best used with stickers and acrylic paint. Glitter is great too, we have tried many times to my husband’s exasperation – he hates glitter all over the house!

Ideas for plates and bowls
Either use stamping, draw onto these or use stickers here- we suggest not using water based paint or inks as they may moisten the sugarcane too much and they could go a little bit out of shape. We would also suggest that you only decorate the edge or just close to the edge so that whatever you use to decorate does not come too much into contact with the food on the plate. If it’s only being used for party snack or that type food it is unlikely to be a problem but your guest may not appreciate a baked potato with pink spots!!

Ideas for white cups
Use stamps, lettering (cut out letter from magazine if no stamps is available), write on, paint and draw onto, use glitter, use stick on dots for polka dots, Pipii butterflies or skull & crossbones stickers, angel decoupage images, star stickers, the ideas are endless.

Ideas for white cups

Ideas for straws

Ideas for pla cups
Stickers, tie ribbon round, paint onto but use acrylic paints, glitter and glue.

Ideas for straws
See below various images to print out for straw decoration, but you could also use our flower decoupage and curious decoupage images made from card to decorate our pla or stripy straws with. Or come up with some images your self.


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