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Illuminating Paper Lanterns

Wonderful Paper Lanterns to fit around a glass with a maximum diameter of 6mm. Place a tea-light inside and the candle light will glow through the openings in the paper. These lanterns looks really impressive placed in a long row down the centre of a table made in lots of complimentary colours.

Illuminating Paper Lanterns

You will need:

  • lantern template pdf (54kb)
  • Paper
  • Scissor or craft knife
  • Double sided sticky tape (glue can be used but beware of coming apart due to the temperature of the candle).

Instruction on how to make lanterns:

  • Cut out your chosen paper according to the template.
  • Attach the top and bottom strips to the main centre piece.
  • Fold in the centre so that the main (front) side of the paper is still showing.
  • Cut across the fold until you come to the top and bottom piece just attached.
  • Cut this way every 1.5cm along the whole piece till 2 cm from the end starting 1 cm in at the beginning.
  • When finished cutting these lengths into the paper, open it back out and you will see the paper lantern taking shape and the strips will open up.
  • Finally roll into a cylinder shape and stick the end together with double side sticky tape to make the lantern. Fit the finished cylinder shaped lantern over a tall glass and fit a tea-light inside.

Download Illuminating Paper Lanterns craft idea in pdf format (85kb)

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