Make your own Table Decoration

You will need:

  • Lump of clay or piece of florist oasis
  • Candle, 1 or more
  • Seasonal greenery
  • Ribbon or raffia
  • Wire or cocktail sticks to secure greenery.

These are table decorations that you can do and use all year round – just vary the greenery used. Really good fun to make and everyone can join in – there is nothing difficult here.

Firstly, decide on how big and how many you would like to make, next go armed with secateurs round the garden and select your greenery. A classic Christmas decoration might involve lots of holly, fir and green ivy leaves. You could also add dried oranges, pine cones, cinnamon sticks. Finally some ribbon or raffia will add a great finish.

Alternatively, you could collect dried branches and flower tops, cones, acorn ‘hats’ and create a wonderful ‘Narnia’ winter wonder decoration adding a little white or silver glitter and some white frosty birds or butterflies, beautiful and very imaginative to do with the kids.

Start with your oasis or lump of clay. We have secured it with string to a little palm plate, you could use a saucer but if you wish to give it away it is wise to secure it to something like a palm plate. Or use a small terracotta plant pot with a lump of oasis or clay inside.

The oasis square usually comes in a square block so you will need to cut it down to size to fit your project. It also needs to be soaked in water as it works much better when wet and also keep the decoration looking fresh this way (you can add water as and when to extend the life of it).

Once the block of clay or oasis is secure, add your candle or candles where you would like them. Push into the block and they will form a neat fitting hole. You can remove the candle later once the decoration is done and set it back in a little wax to secure it better.

‘Make your own table decoration

Next you push the greenery into the block all the way round until none of the oasis or clay is visible. Tie cones, oranges, cinnamon or whatever else you may wish to add with a little wire. Finish off the decoration with a bow of lovely ribbon or raffia.

If you are using a terracotta pot, same method as above applies. Terracotta pots come in different sizes and we would recommend using small to medium sizes plant pots. These will need a little less greenery to cover than if you are covering a block of oasis on a saucer so may be a little easier for children to do and really do look great as little gifts.

Tie raffia or ribbon round the terracotta pot with a Brown gift tag or use our wooden heart as gift tags as these can be left on as part of the decorations.

Terracotta pots used as 3 or 5 in a row on a table looks just fantastic whether for a Christmas Table, a wedding, birthday or a christening!

Download Make your own Table Decoration craft idea in pdf format (119kb)

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