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Mentos Volcanic Eruption

An easy project! You'll get all wet, but as long as you use diet cola you won't get too sticky. Chemical volcanoes are classic projects. This mentos and soda volcano is really powerful. It's messy, so you might want to do this project outdoors. It's also non-toxic, so kids can do this project. But be aware that this is quite explosive so it may be wise to oversee the experiment if your children are to do this on their own.

Mentos Volcanic Eruption

You will need the following for this experiment:

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Please make sure to read the instructions before you start so that you have everything you need . . . . good luck and have fun!


  • 1 or 2 rolls of mentos
  • A 2 litre bottle of fizzy cola, diet or plain (in fact any other carbonated drink can be used).

Firstly you need to stack the mentos, the easiest way to do this is to roll a piece of paper into a tube just wide enough to hold the stacked mentos. Now seal the top of the tube by holding a postcard or index card or something similar over the top and invert the tube so that the mentos are ready to drop out once the card is removed.

Open your 2 litre bottle and be ready!! The eruption happens very quickly so make sure you are all set before you get ready to go.

Bottle open, tube with stacked mentos upside down ,only held outside by postcard (or similar) placed on top of open bottle top, so that once card is removed mentos will drop smoothly into bottle……

When ready, slide card to side and let mentos drop into bottle. Jump aside and have fun watching this eruption which is capable of producing jets

Download Mentos Volcanic Eruption craft idea in pdf format (27kb)

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