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Mother’s Day Voucher

A very quick and simple idea but any Mother will love it.

You will need:

  • A blank card ideally made from recycled or handmade paper (but any card you have will do)
  • 3 wooden heart gift tags
  • Stamps and ink or a marker pen
  • Some ribbon

Mother’s Day Voucher

We have written the message on the computer and printed it out and then secured it to the card but it would be just as nice to handwrite it:

Dear mum

And then the message for the voucher, it could be something to share or it could be little jobs you would like to do round the house etc…

You then add the 3 gifts tag which each carries the task or treat on as a message - you can stamp on these very easily but can write on them with marker pens, biros or even a crayon or felt tip pen. We have made 3 holes to feed the string through and then secured them on the back with cello tape but you could just stick them to the card as this would be a little easier and less fiddly.

Finally finish off the card by wrapping some ribbon or raffia loosely round the card and attach a gift tag simply saying ‘mum’…

Get thinking and make this a lovely treat for your mum…


Download Mother’s Day Voucher craft idea in pdf format (62kb)