Painted Glassware

Why have clear glass when you can have glittered, blackboard or any colour under the sun…

Create stunning gifts and table settings in themed colours and styles with a little glue, glitter or paint!

You will need:

  • Glass ware – we have used milk bottle and kilner jars, but old jam jars also works well.
  • PVA glue
  • Glitter
  • Black board paint.
  • Spray paint (ordinary water based emulsion paint can be used too but you may find it difficult to cover and stick. This may also cause a ‘lumpy looking finish’. If using household paint we would recommend oil based one in an eggshell finish).

Painted Glassware


  • For glittered bottles and jars: Paint your glass in PVA glue and get ready to drizzle glitter onto it straight away. Make sure you have a tray or similar underneath where you can catch excess glitter and also place the glass to dry after. Avoid handling the glass for 3-4 hours after and ensure if is well and truly dry before suing it as the glitter will otherwise come off and leave ‘holes’ on the finished item.
  • For painted bottles and jars: Make sure your glass is nice and clear before you start. Any grease residue will repel paint. Paint your glass jar in thin layers instead of one thick layer and make sure each layer is dry before you apply the next.
  • For spray painted bottles and jar: Again ensure the glass is clear. All spray painting should happen outside and we recommend wearing rubber gloves as spray paint does not come off easily. Alternatively, you could place your bottle / jar on a long stick inside to hold out at a distance away from you. Shake the spray pint well and apply evenly in thin layers – allow layers to dry before applying the next to achieve the best finished results.

You can also create patterns by sticking a shape, silhouette, doily, length of lace ribbon onto your glass before painting or glittering it and once dry, peel this off to reveal clear glass pattern or image. This is particularly effective for jam jars being used for t-light.

Use your painted glass bottle or jars for candles, table number holders, flower arrangements, gifts…you name it!

Download Painted Glassware craft idea in pdf format (64kb)

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