Quick, easy and totally fab ‘Paper Bag Bunting’!

The easiest bunting you will ever make and it looks fantastic too. Make in many colours and designs and to make it a little more personal add lettering or cut shapes into it..

You will need:

  • Small to medium sized paper bags (10 or more)
  • Bakers or jute twine (choose a complimentary colour)
  • Double sided stick tape or a glue stick.
  • Scissors

Quick, easy and totally fab ‘Paper Bag Bunting’!


  • Decide on the length or your bunting and cut a length of twine for this. The pennant size will be roughly the size of the paper bags. (We have used Red and Blue ‘Retro striped paper bags’ and ‘Union Jack paper bags’. 20 bags to make the bunting in the picture) These are 18 x 23 cm and when cut into pennants they measure 18 x 20cm.
  • Fold each paper bag along the middle from top to bottom. Keeping the folded edge intact, you cut the open edge into a point so that it forms a triangle.
  • Once you have cut one, use this use as template for the rest so that you end up with the same size pennants.
  • Next open the cut bags into a diamond shape. The bag is still sealed along the bottom so that you can put the twine inside the fold.
  • Next, lay the twine along the centre so it will run securely inside once pennant is sealed up again.
  • Finally using a glue stick or dbl sided sticky tape, fold the pennant back towards each other and stick together, making sure the twine is not glued down. Do leave approx 3-4 cm at the top where the twine runs without any glue so that you can adjust where to place the pennant when all the bags have been put onto the twine.

Your bunting is ready!

Alternative suggestions:

Wedding or christening suggestion: Use glassine bags and put hearts, poems, lettering or pictures of the bride and groom inside the bags before sealing them up. This way you can make a very beautiful and individual milky white bunting. Maybe also use fine satin or silk ribbon instead of twine.

The striped retro bags in fresh summer colours looks great for garden parties or choose orange, black and purple for Halloween and attach silhouettes of bats, ghost and withes onto some of them. Pastel coloured blue and pinks are great for baby showers and christening too...

Many many possibilities…quick, easy and very affordable... 20 bags (size 18 x 23cm) should make you around 6.5 meters of buntings. Enjoy crafting!

Download Paper Bag Bunting craft idea in pdf format (159kb)

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