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Paper Bunting

You will need:

  • Pennant diamond template
  • Twine (jute or bakers twine)
  • Wallpaper, wrapping paper or any other paper
  • PVA glue or double sided sticky tape

Paper Bunting

We would recommend wallpaper (leftover or sample pieces are often available) or wrapping paper as these generally quite hard wearing and you will get lots of paper diamonds for pennants without spending a fortune on paper.


  • Measure out your chosen length of twine (we suggest 4-5 metres)
  • From the paper bunting template cut out approx 6-7 pennants per metre of bunting.
  • Fold all pennants in half.
  • Leaving approx 30cm at the beginning for tying the bunting on when finished. You then secure the first pennant by placing twine in between two folded sides and gluing these together using either PVA or double sided sticky tape.
  • Leave a gap of approx 4-5 cm in between each flag and continue until you reach 30 cm from the end.
  • Bunting is now finished; all that is left to do is find a place for it to hang!

Download Paper Bunting craft idea in pdf format (85kb)