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Paper Clip Beads

Paper clip beads

Make a necklace from paperclips and a magazine….

To make this you need to cut lots of colourful strips of paper from a magazine, wrapping paper or handmade paper. The strips should be approx 20 cm long, wide one end and narrowing towards the other end – see template below.

Paper clip bead template

Start with the wide end rolling it onto the paper clip, add pva to the rest of the strip and secure the narrow end with more PVA glue if needed and leave to dry.

You will need to do about 50 of these. When dried you link all the paper clips together to make a necklace.

Alternatively – roll your paper strips onto a cocktail stick and secure the end again. Once dry, you will be able to pull out the cocktail. They now look like long beads with a hole in the centre and can now be strung on string or elastic into whatever you like, bracelet, short or long necklace or combine with other beads...

Pipii’s tip:

Use a kraft box… Include instructions above … cut handfuls of coloured strips, add approx 70-80 to a box with string, paper clips or toothpicks and you have a great gift or party box…to make together or to take home in place of a party bag.

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