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Paper Heart Garlands and Strings, various

Weddings and Valentine call for hearts galore. Make them yourselves and they become extra special.

We have listed a couple of quick ideas below to make and to inspire you to make other creations.

To make the project listed here, we have used:

  • 15 Brown Kraft Heart Stickers
  • Cotton Bakers Twine - pink and /or grey
  • Vintage Newsprint Heart Table Confetti
  • Wrapping and decoupage paper in pink/reds
  • Old book pages
  • White Silky Ribbon - 10 metres
  • Ivory 'With Love' Ribbon
  • Red Heart Ribbon
  • "Love You" Rubber Stamp
  • Assorted Greetings Rubber Stamp Set

But don’t forget most of these bits can be made from scrap at home, cut heart shapes from brown wrapping, newsprint, musical score paper etc, twine and string , and you can recreate these ideas easily.

Brown Heart Strings:

  • Attach brown heart stickers to pink bakers twine back to back to that the twine runs through the middle of 2 stickers.
  • Now stamp or write any message on if you wish to or just leave blank.
  • Attach as many as you wish to one length of string or just one at the end of string and display with other garland, hearts string, fans or baubles (tissue or glass).

Alternatively use the smaller confetti hearts intermittently or instead of the brown stickers to make long delicate bunting.Brown Heart Strings

‘Vintage’ Paper Hearts on String

‘Vintage’ Paper Hearts on String:

  • Choose 3-4 different papers. We have used old book pages, handmade textured papers and pink wrapping paper.
  • Cut same width paper strips in different length: 4-5cm wide x 17, 21, 25 and 29 cm. You will need to do this twice for each side of the heart. Each strip will need to be cut from a different paper. If you have chosen 3 pieces, then we suggest you cut the 17cm and the 25cm long piece from the same of the 3 so that when the heart is put together, there will be no two same patterns next to each other.
  • Next is the fiddly bit as you will need to put together and hold all 8 strips to form a heart and then finally secure with a stapler.
  • Take the shortest strip and fold softly until the two ends meet, now take the next length and repeat this over the shorter one so that it form an outer edge and carry on the same way with the rest of the strips till you have ½ a heart with 4 heart sitting inside each other.
  • Holding this while you repeat on the other side may be difficult and you could secure the strips together with a bit of prit stick glue if needed (we did).
  • Once the other half is done hold together and secure with a staple at the bottom (or glue but take a bit of holding till dry, so stapling is quicker) Now attach a piece of string and hang!

These heart can also be made into a garland by running a length of nice ribbon through the centre of each heart and repeating this down the length of ribbon 5- 6 times (or more if you like).

The easiest way would be to make the all the heart in half first and then to secure them onto the ribbon after.

We hope you love making these..

Download Paper Heart Garlands and Strings craft idea in pdf format (114kb)

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