Paper Straw Wreath

A great Christmas (or any other time of year actually) craft project. Fun and affordable and any left-overs will be happily used by the kids – as this wreath is made from paper straws.
Make it little or large..for party or table, door and window decoration.

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun..other glue can be used but my preference would be a glue gun for ease.
  • Approx 125 paper straws
  • Ribbon or twine

Paper Straw Wreath


  • Make a cardboard ring from sturdy card board by tracing round 2 plates, 1 large with a smaller one inside, ideally the inside should be 10-12 cm in diameter and approx 15-17cm on the outside.
  • Cut 50 straws down to 16cm, 50 straws down to 13cm (medium), and cut 25 straws in half to get 50 x 10cm pieces.
  • Using the long straws for the first layer, apply glue close to the inside edge of the card board ring. The long straw should be lined up so they are flush with the inside of ring. Continue to add long straws one by one evenly spaced toward the outer edge, until the ring is covered.
  • Next using the medium sized straws, place these in the same manner but making sure the straws are sitting nicely amongst the longer ones underneath. Again line up against the inside edge of ring, spacing the straws evenly as you go along. Continue to add the medium straws until the ring is complete again.
  • Repeat with the short straws, spacing them between the medium straws. Let dry completely.
  • Finish off by attaching a small loop of ribbon to the back of the wreath for hanging.

As you are using a glue gun, this has to be applied in stages as it will otherwise dry out. Glue guns are great for quick results but extra care must be taken, when using these whilst doing craft with kids. Other glue such as UHU could be used instead but the wreath will take much longer to complete as straws would have to be held in place in between applications.

Remember this wreath could be made in red and pink for Valentine, red and blue for British street party style celebration, pastel for Easter etc etc.
We have made it in gold for a NEW YEAR party.

Download Paper Straw Wreath craft idea in pdf format (88kb)

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