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Quick Sand

Have you ever turned a liquid into a solid just by tapping on it? In this experiment you make just such a liquid.

You will need the following for this experiment:

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Please make sure to read the instructions before you start so that you have everything you need . . . . good luck and have fun!


  • 25ml corn flour or approx ¼ of a cup
  • 25ml water or approx ¼ of a cup

You will also need newspaper and a bowl for mixing.

Quick Sand

To make Quick Sand;

Place a piece of newspaper on your table and put the mixing bowl in the middle. Now add the corn flour to the bowl and add approx half the water and stir slowly. Add the water slowly while stirring until all the powder is wet.

Now add the rest of the water to the mixture, until it starts to behave like liquid does, when it is stirred. Now, when you tap the side of the bowl with your finger, the liquid shouldn’t splash but will become hard.

If the mixture is too liquid add more corn flour.

You have succeeded in making quicksand when your mixture feels like a stiff liquid when you stir it, but feels solid when you tap on it with your finger or a spoon. Now put the mixture into the palm of your hand slowly working it into a ball. As long as you keep working it in your hands, it will stay solid but if you stop rubbing it between the palms of your hands it will dissolve into a puddle in your hand.

When you have finished playing please make sure you add lots of water to the mixture before pouring down the plughole otherwise when it could go semi solid in the drain and create a plug – wouldn’t make you a favourite in the kitchen!

Download Quick Sand craft idea in pdf format (25kb)

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