Triangular Favour Paper Packages

These cute small to medium paper packages can be made very quickly. Fill with edible or non edible treats, small gifts or just simply a message or a poem.

Make them for different seasonal or themed event by just choosing or changing the paper. If you haven’t got any fancy paper or are creating a vintage themed even, try using old book pages, music scores or simply stain white paper with tea and print images or words onto the paper.

Great for wedding favours and create a fun treasure or Easter egg hunt using these packages to keep clues inside. I just love the simplicity of this idea and really I could just go on…

Triangular Favour Paper Packages

You will need:

  • Paper of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Glue or washi tape
    (Alternatively use a needle and embroidery string instead of glue to seal packages with.)


  • Firstly decide on the size of package you want to make. Each piece of paper needs to folded in half to show the actual size.
  • Seal the join of the paper when folded in half. I have sealed it down the centre instead of the sides as this makes a nicer finish. This makes a sort of cylindrical shape which is open end both ends.
  • Next, fold down the top of the cylinder to seal one end. Fold once and then again to secure. Either seal this with glue, washi tape or you can stitch either on a machine or by hand.
  • This has now created a ‘paper bag’ with one end sealed. Fill this ‘bag’ with your choice of goodies.
  • Now seal it the opposite end. Turn the ‘paper bag’ side ways and seal down the now top end in the same manner as before...a double fold sealed either with glue, stitches etc..This should now look like a nice triangular paper package.

Alternatively: Use a ready made small or medium paper bag. All that is needed here is to fill it. Turn the bags sideways on and seal the top down the opposite way to the bottom of the bag.

Download Triangular Favour Paper Packages craft idea in pdf format (81kb)

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