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Washi Tape Canapé Flags

Great for just about everything. Use in plant and flower decoration, canapés, cupcakes, sandwiches, drinks, on gifts… goes everywhere!

Washi Tape Canapé Flags

You will need:

  • Washi tape
  • Cocktail stick and/ or skewers
  • Scissors


  • Use skewers or cocktail stick as flagpoles and simply wrap a long piece of Washi tape round the pole so that the 2 equal ends stick together and form a ‘flag’.
  • If you haven’t got Washi tape, paper will do the same. Just glue paper together with a glue stick to form the flag – snip into shape as before.
  • Next snip the end into your flag shape in which ever shape you like.

We have used ball skewers and have even dipped the ‘balls’ into some glitter for a bit of sparkle or add wording with stamps or glitterpens..

Fun, festive and good fun to make!

Download Washi Tape Canapé Flags craft idea in pdf format (150kb)

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