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Wrap the pipii way

Pipii wrapping

a few ideas

Here at Pipii we love to give presents and would like to give you a few ideas of how you can easily wrap and present special gifts….

As an alternative to paper, why not try wrapping smaller gifts with fabric or pieces of leftover wallpaper. Choose from 100's of fabrics and wallpapers available – cut with pinking shears and use to wrap all manners of gifts. Finish tying beautiful fabric ribbons and something picked from the garden - at christmas a sprig of holly – or in the summer, perhaps use a rose.

How about using our brown kraft boxes or brown paper bags. Just wrap your present lightly in colourful tissue paper, place inside the box or brown paper bag – tie a ribbon with twine or raffia and finish with a homemade brown tag.

Pipii ribbon

We also like to use our bags with the clear PLA window, place your homemade cookies or chocolate inside the bag for everyone to look forward to. Or with small gifts, wrap them in colourful tissue paper and add to the bag, finish with tying some Bakers twine or French ribbon and a brown tag label.

Alternatively; newspaper with Bakers twine or raffia and gift tags make beautifully presented gifts too. The possibilities are endless.

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