Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt
A pirate party essential or any other party for that matter. Kids love a good treasure hunt. And can be done both inside and out. Should include a map, a handful of clues – the more the merrier and of course a treasure chest of trove. Our Brown craft boxes make excellent individual treasure boxes for each kid- either full of food if the hunt is before eating or full of little surprises to take home or combine and do both.

Be inventive with the map – that in itself could be a treasure hunt, cut into a jigsaw, write onto grease proof paper and bake into a cake, bake jigsaw pieces into several cakes, set in jelly – the sky’s your limit… if all you do is a good treasure hunt, it will be remembered but be warned: more will be expected next time…

Newspaper Hats
Great fun, easy and quick to make – just follow instruction in template

The Ground is Dangerous
A complete favourite in our house – involves taking as many cushions off the sofa , small chairs and other stepping stones and scatter then around the floor – one is ‘it’ and the one who is either caught or falls of a stepping stone is ‘it’, whichever happens first. This game can easily be transferred to outside and can involve swings, trees and/or climbing frames depending on how daring you like to be.

Teacups Hiding Game
Hide anything – can be a toy mouse if you have a Mad hatter party, a gold coin for a pirate party or use sweets. You can use anything from decorated old food tins to teacups under which you hide stuff. The game is all about remembering or guessing where things have been hidden. If you have lots of upturned vessels you can hide as many bits as you wish and the finder (if using sweets) can keep what he or she finds until you come to an empty vessel or alternatively make it simple and hide one thing only and take turns to see who gets most ‘finds’ out of 5 goes per person.

Empty Cup/Full Cup Bucket Game
A summer game ideally. You start with one full bucket one end of the garden, a cup that is repeatedly filled and carried to an empty bucket the other end – 2 teams and in a given time how much one or the other team can get transported from one bucket to the other in that given time – you can vary the method and type of carrying implements depending on your type of party and age of participants. Anything from teacups, egg cups, hollowed out orange, a spoon etc etc ..the possibilities are endless.

The Popcorn Game
This is a very simple game and involves bowls of homemade popcorn and straws. The aim is for the children to suck on their straw and try to remove from the bowl as many pieces of popcorn as they can. The winner gets a prize and of course they all get to eat the popcorn.

The Chocolate Game
A real classic. The children take it in turns to throw a dice. When a six is thrown the child must put on a hat, coat and gloves and can then use a knife and fork to try and eat a big slab of chocolate .They get to continue doing this until someone else throws a six and then it's their turn.

The Memory Game
Another classic involving a tray with 6-8 items on it. When all the children have had time to try and memorize the items then one item is removed and they have to try and guess which one has gone. Could be done with sweets and chocolate to up the game a little….

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