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Halloween & Bonfire Night Games

Autumn apples

Apple Bobbing
A traditional Halloween game, where the objective of the game is to remove an apple from water without using your hands. Using a bucket or preferably a shallow bowl such as a washing up bowl, you place the apples in the bowl (remove stalks if you want to add a little more difficulty) and the participants hold their hands behind their back and put their face in the water to attempt to bite into the apple to pull it out of the water. Each person take individual turns unless you have a very big bowl. You can either set a time limit or just let the game take it course. Traditionally the prize for catching an apple is the apple itself!!

Ghost Face

This game is also good fun played straight after the apple bobbing game as a wet face naturally adds a little fun here.

Again you will need a shallow dish or bowl, fill it with flour and hide numerous tasty things in it. The objective is to search out these treats with your hands behind your back using our face and mouth to search out any treats hiding in the flour. Be prepared for rather a lot of mess!

Treats on Strings
Yet another game with your hands behind your back. Suspend a range of treats – doughnuts are good here, as are marshmallows, from strings hanging at different heights. You guessed it – the objective is to now eat as many of these as you can in a given time!

Strawberry Lace Race
And finally the last game with your hands behind your back involves strawberry or caramel laces. All guests line up, hands behind their back, lace in their mouth, ready, steady and go …the one who finishes first is the winner!

Witches Stew
You need paper, scissors, straws and a bowl.

Using our Halloween shape templates, cut out 2 or 3 sets of shapes and place in a bowl. Use the straws to ‘suck’ up paper shapes to make a witches stew. Give each guest a set time , count the shapes caught in that time and return to the bowl for another player to take their turn – the ones who have ‘sucked up’ the most shapes during their turn is the winner.

Or alternatively – you could place 2 sets of shapes in 3 or 4 bowls and have races to see who empties their bowl first.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt
You will need to find or make a large skeleton decoration for this game, ideally made from cardboard. Make it as big as is at all possible. Next you carefully disassemble it by all the joints and hide the skeleton parts all round the house or garden – wherever the hunt is going to take place. Ask your guest to unearth the bones and reassemble the skeleton again using pins or cello tape. Good luck!