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Pirate Party

Ahoy there Me Hearties!

What better than a party for all those aspiring Jack Sparrows - Dig out the pirate hat and eye patch, polish your stump and get ready for a day of adventure…

A treasure pirate party is always a very popular choice for both big and small people.

Ideas & suggestions to make for the party

All our white sugarcane plates and cups lends themselves very well to being decorated – use either our pirate stickers or draw/ paint onto pla (clear) or paper cups and also plates can be decorated with pirate and/or skull & cross bone images. There are a few to choose from in the templates.

Pirate Party

Use our grey or blue stripy straws just as they are or decorate the clear pla straws. Make your own Jolly Roger Flag straws with the template below. Just cut out the flag and either stick two together or one with a hole cut top and bottom, and feed through straw. Use the black and white bakers twine to tie together serviettes and cutlery with brown name tags on.

Pirate Party

Decorate the table with pirate paper garlands, homemade pirate flags, and your pirate themed decorated tableware. Use pirate, gold and silver cupcake cases for cakes, use small flags for these and for sandwiches, cucumber stick, tomatoes, meat balls or whatever may be on the menu.

Don’t forget the essential gold coins scattered all over the table or gold coins for the treasure hunt. Make finding the map one of fun. Draw onto greaseproof paper, cut into pieces and bake into rolls or a sponge cake – let the kids enjoy ripping it apart once they realise what’s inside it!!! This will not be forgotten. Or set in jelly – any number of things can be use for this, which will all surprise the kids and bring a huge amount of excitement and entertainment.

For fun and games to do on the day you could make news paper hats together. – The hats are quick, easy and fun to make. Or use our tattoos for each one of the little pirates.

No pirate cake is perfect without sparklers and Gold and Silver Star candles – a scrummy chocolate or carrot cake would work a treat with these.

See our list for suggestions of what to put on the menu for the day.

Finally, send the tired pirates home with their own handmade hat, flag, some pirate tattoos or stickers. All tucked inside a brown bag with a great big skull and crossbones picture… painted on by your kids earlier that week…



On the day

We have included a couple of games which may be enjoyable for the pirates:


  • Treasure hunt, a pirate party essential – can be done inside or out. Should include a map, a handful of clues, the more the merrier and of course a treasure chest or trove. Our brown craft boxes make excellent individual treasure boxes for each kid – either full of food if the hunt is before eating or full of little surprises to take home or both.
  • The ground is dangerous
  • Newspaper hats, a very simple idea – each party guest can make their own.

Recipe and food ideas

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