Cups & Glasses

Cups & Glasses

Biodegradable eco-friendly disposable cups and glasses for hot and cold drinks, in various designs and sizes – ideal for your party, celebration or event. Great selection of hot paper cups, serve tea and coffee in brown paper ripple cups, which keeps drinks hot without burning your hands. Or for cold drinks, our clear, biodegradable PLA glasses look stylish and are 100% compostable and sustainable. Remember to stock up for your camping trips, festivals, BBQ's and outdoor picnics.

  • 10 Paper Containers with Lids

    10 Paper Containers with Lids

    sku: 400-094

    White 100 % biodegradable paper containers. Perfect for soup, ice cream, popcorn and more. Sold in packs of 10. 360ml (12 fl oz).

  • White 8oz Paper Cups

    White 8oz Paper Cups

    sku: 400-043

    White 100% biodegradable cups, suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Great size for kids. 240ml.

    From: £2.25

  • Clear PLA Glasses

    Clear PLA Glasses

    sku: 400-015

    NOT a plastic cup but made from totally eco-friendly corn starch. 100% biodegradable PLA 200ml clear cold drink cups. In packs of 25, 50 or 100's.

    From: £2.50

  • Small 4oz Brown Ripple Paper Cups

    Small 4oz Brown Ripple Paper Cups

    sku: 400-202

    Petite ripple cups. Available in 10, 25, 50 or 100's. Suitable for hot drinks.

    From: £2.00

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