Party Sticks, Picks & Flags

Party Sticks, Picks & Flags

So many cocktail sticks, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Create your own cocktails to match – palm tree parasols, flamingos, honeycomb fans, pin-wheels, union jacks or red hearts. Remember bride and groom cocktail sticks for your wedding party.

Make sure everyone knows what they’re eating by using write-on canapé flags at your cocktail party or buffet. And no Chinese New Year celebration or food-from-the-Far-East party would be complete without plenty of bamboo chopsticks; include disposable clip-together chopsticks for those in need of chopstick training.

Order sturdy wooden BBQ skewers for kebabs and if you’re cooking with them, soak the skewers in water first so they don’t catch fire!

  • 50 Red Bamboo Cocktail Sticks

    50 Red Bamboo Cocktail Sticks

    sku: 400-124

    Red stylish bamboo cocktail stick. Approx 50 sticks in a bag.

  • 50 Mini Cocktail Sticks

    50 Mini Cocktail Sticks

    sku: 400-113

    Wonderfully stylish birchwood sticks. Approx 50 sticks in a bag. 65mm.

  • 25 Bamboo Deli Sticks

    25 Bamboo Deli Sticks

    sku: 400-044

    Great bamboo deli sticks..use it for everything.

  • 25 Looped Bamboo Skewers

    25 Looped Bamboo Skewers

    sku: 400-045

    Wonderfully stylish looped Bamboo Skewers. Approx 25 skewers in a bag.

  • 50 Bamboo Cocktail Sticks

    50 Bamboo Cocktail Sticks

    sku: 400-030

    Wonderfully stylish bamboo cocktail stick. Approx 50 sticks in a bag.

  • Small Birchwood BBQ Skewers

    Small Birchwood BBQ Skewers

    sku: 400-165

    Approx 50 in a pack. 180mm long x 3mm.

  • 25 Bamboo Ball Skewers

    25 Bamboo Ball Skewers

    sku: 400-112

    Wonderfully stylish bamboo skewers. Approx 25 sticks in a bag. 140mm.

  • 50 Bamboo BBQ Skewers

    50 Bamboo BBQ Skewers

    sku: 400-029

    Superb quality bamboo skewers, long and very strong, 50 in a pack.

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